Indonesia invited Chinese entrepreneurs to relocate the activities of their manufacturing plants to Indonesia

JAKARTA. The China-Indonesia relations have become stronger in various areas, including in terms of economic cooperation between the two nations, Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Zulkifli Hasan stated.
"The relations between the two countries have reached its peak," Hasan stated in a press release received here on Tuesday.
According to Hasan, relations between the two countries have entered the phase of a comprehensive strategic partnership that includes cultural, political, security, and economic areas, among others.
Hasan had earlier invited Chinese entrepreneurs to relocate the activities of their manufacturing plants to Indonesia by cooperating with local businessmen in the country.
He admitted that the Chinese manufacturing industry has advanced. Hasan hoped that the medium manufacturing industries in China would relocate to Indonesia.
"The investors can invest in Indonesia safely due to the political and security stability," he pointed out.
Indonesia's economy is estimated to grow at five percent this year. The condition is still considered good and promising.
Earlier, the government had decided to announce its follow-up economic policies for each sector in the afternoon, so that the people and the business community will understand them clearly, stated Chief Economic Minister Darmin Nasution.
"So, we will select them per sector. There might be six to seven sectors, so their details could be made clear," Nasution stated at the Presidential Office here on Tuesday.
He noted that President Joko Widodo had urged ministers and other state officials to gather at the State Palace at about 1:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday.
"We are asked to gather at 1:30 p.m. local time. The government will not announce the policies all at once as it did recently because it would eventually only show figures, such as how many government regulations (PP), presidential decisions, ministerial decrees, and others are there," the chief economic minister stated.
According to Nasution, the government will likely only explain some of them, possibly three sectors. Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Service Authority (OJK) will thereafter announce their policies.
"From the government, there might be policies that concern the industry, exports, and finance. We will also again elucidate on the economic policy package of the first phase but in a per sector manner and per day, one after the other. The new one will likely be explained separately," noted the chief economic minister.
For instance, the agriculture minister will explain it tomorrow, and the other minister will soon provide an explanation day after tomorrow.
"We are designing the plan to show its clear sector," he added.

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