Indonesian haj death toll grows to 59

JAKARTA. Two more Indonesian pilgrims have been identified as fatalities in last week's stampede tragedy in Mina, increasing the country's haj death toll to 59 people.
The newly identified victims are Abdul Wahab Idris Jafar from the BTH 14 kloter and Hosen Ibrohim Nimat from the SUB 48 kloter.
According to the head of the Religious Affairs Ministry's Saudi office, Arsyad Hidayat, the ministry had communicated with Saudi authorities regarding the possibility of bringing the victims' bodies home to Indonesia.
"But most Indonesian haj pilgrims are preferring to bury their relatives in Mecca," said Arsyad as quoted by
Since the corpses have been kept for seven days, Al Muashim mortuary authorities have decided to bury those that had been identified.
"It's part of an effort to avoid the spread of unwanted diseases, as per the directions of the Health Ministry," said Arsyad.
He added that one injured Indonesian from the SUB 48 kloter, Murtiningsih Neman Sunar Akun, had returned to her group, bringing the number of Indonesian victims being treated at Saudi hospitals down to four people

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