Jailed After Using Facebook to Lure Male Rape Victim

Canberra. An Indonesian university student has been sentenced to four years and ten months behind bars by the High Court of the Australian Capital Territory after raping an Australian man, an official has said.

Billy Bartholoemus Tamawiwy, 23, a politics and international relations student at a university in Canberra, was found guilty of raping the victim in August 2014. Billy created a fake Facebook account with a profile picture of an unknown woman he had found online in order to lure the victim to sexually engage with him.

Billy posed as the woman in the picture and approached the victim online, saying he could have sex with the woman if he was willing to do so with Billy first.

Billy filmed intercourse between himself and the victim and used the footage to blackmail the victim to do so again. He threatened he would send the video to the victim's family.

Justice Richard Refshauge of the ACT High Court on Wednesday indicted Billy with two counts of rape, three counts of using a carriage service to menace and one for committing an act of indecency.

"In my view, the only sentence is a sentence of imprisonment, to be served by full-time custody," he said on Wednesday, as quoted by the Canberra Times.

Billy, eligible for parole in two years and two months, will be deported to Indonesia once he has served his sentence.

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