The Indonesian Embassy : No Indonesians Killed in Paris Attacks

Jakarta. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry says no Indonesians were among the more than 120 people killed in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.

The Indonesian Embassy in the French capital has issued an advisory to all citizens to remain on high alert in the wake of the gun and bomb attacks that left at least 127 people dead.

“The Indonesian Embassy in France has said no Indonesians are among the fatalities,” Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, the Foreign Ministry’s director for citizen protection overseas, said in Jakarta on Saturday.

He added that Indonesians looking for information about relatives and friends in France could call the embassy at +33 621122109 or +33 145030760.

Paris was rocked by a series of apparently coordinated attacks in six different locations on Friday night that left at least 127 people dead.

The Bataclan music hall, where gunmen mowed down concertgoers, accounted for the highest death toll, at 112, according to the French Interior Ministry.

At least two explosions were also heard outside the Stade de France national stadium where a France-Germany football friendly was being played, with President Francois Hollande in attendance.

Hollande, who blamed the Sunni militant group Islamic State for the attacks, declared a state of emergency, including the closure of all exit points out of the country.

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