AGO Confirmed Novanto`s Voice

Attorney General M Prasetyo has confirmed that the voices in the recording that was handed by the Energy Minister, Sudirman Said to the AG's office are DPR Chairman Setya Novanto, President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia Maroef Sjamsuddin, and oil tycoon M. Riza Chalid. "The conclusion was made by IT experts from Bandung's Technological Institute (ITB)," said Prasetyo at the Prosecutor's Education and Training Agency in South Jakarta on Friday, December 18. 

Prasetyo said that investigators will now turn to the opinion of criminal law experts to determine the criminal act committed based on the recording. "This is to ensure that we are applying the right principles to the case," he said, before explaining that AGO will seek the opinions of constitutional law and international business law experts. According to him, the AGO has not planned to ask the National Police (Polri) Forensic Laboratory for a second opinion, because he believes that the explanation given by ITB experts are sufficient enough. "ITB is also a reputable institution, and I am certain that it is positively Setya's [voice on the recording]," said Prasetyo. Prasetyo also stated that the AGO is almost certain that there is a conspiracy behind the case - with Setya acting as the initiator, while Chalid acted as the facilitator of the meeting, which occurred at the Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, on June 8, 2015. However, Prasetyo said that the AGO has yet to name Setya as a suspect, as there are several witnesses that have yet to be questioned by the AGO, including Riza Chalid himself. "We don't want to have to defend ourselves in a pre-trial because of a lack of evidence," he said. Riza Chalid is widely reported to be abroad, and has yet to respond to any summons up to this date.

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