Terrorist Bomb Exploded in Sarinah Jakarta Indonesia at 14th January 2016

An explosion occurred at the parking lot of the Starbuck Café on Jalan Husni Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Thursday morning, January 14, 2016. Not long after, another explosion occurred at a Police outpost not far from the location of the first explosion.

An eyewitness, Taufik Rusyana, claimed that he heard seven consecutive explosions at around 10:000 AM Western Indonesia Time. Taufik, who worked at the Jaya Building right across the café, was about to take a lunch break before he heard the first explosion, followed by a cloud of smoke.

Minutes later, as Taufik recalled, another explosion occurred at a Police outpost close to the café. "Three people were thrown away. One of them landed on the middle of the road," Taufik said.

After the explosion, Taufik walked to the Police outpost and saw police officers gather around the café. "The gunfight begins," Taufik said, adding that Jalan Husni Thamrin was later closed as a police car pull up to carry a wounded officer.

Taufik said that a black Mitsubishi Pajero and a police car came from the National Monument and stop on the site of the outpost right across the café. Some of the officers were seen taking cover behind the police car. "Later an explosion came from the [Pajero]," Taufik said.

Another witness Edi Saputro, managed to record the third explosion. "After the gunfight, the car suddenly explode," Edi said. Edi claimed that he was standing in front of the Sarinah Plaza.

Both Edi and Taufik then heard seven consecutive explosions. "Officers carrying rifles arrived after the third explosion," Taufik said. Edi and Taufik said that based on their observation six people were died in the incident.

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Source : TEMPO

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