8 Facts Terrorism In Bandung

8 Facts Terrorism In Bandung

The terror occurred in Taman Cipendawa, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, on Monday (2/27/2017) morning. Information compiled Tribunnews.com, the perpetrator had a bomb detonates explosive pot low in Taman Cipendawa. The following facts were collected Tribunnews.com of action until the perpetrator blast killed by bullets officer.

1. The bomb placed on Neja
Around 08.30 pm in the Garden Basket Pandavas pan placed a bomb on the table sketbord former stage exploded.
As a result of the explosion of the bomb material or pellet form baton size 10 centimeter nails thrown in different directions.
Even two concrete nails scraping white Daihatsu Luxio D 1892 QF number plates parked in the yard at Jalan Kresna number 55.
The alleged perpetrator, was seen in shock for a moment after the bomb exploded.

Performers bouncing bombs of eruption hit thump sounded like a tire bursting.
Actors supine position after the bomb exploded.Then the actors got up and ran quickly toward the village office Arjuna.

2. Bomb hit Performers
The bomb blast pot was the alleged perpetrator's body.
Jackets and vests worn parasites alleged perpetrator also looks torn.
"Got her back. But it does not bleed," said Rizal Ilala Nugraha (23), resident of Jl Kresna number 55, Village Arjuna, Cicendo subdistrict, Bandung, told the Tribune Jabar, Monday (02/22/2017). Rizal said, there was no expression of fear of the alleged perpetrator after the bomb exploded in the garden pot Pandavas.
In fact, the perpetrator seemed satisfied pot nail bomb exploded.

3. The Hunted Children High School
6 high school students who exercise in Taman Pandavas, Arjuna Village, District Cicendo, Bandung, shouting alleged perpetrator after the bomb exploded. Students also attempted to arrest the alleged perpetrator. The students shouted catch-catch. He was followed to the village office Arjuna but no one dared arrest him as the perpetrator carrying a dagger.

4. Performers Had Laugh
When pursued by high school students, actors brandishing a knife with a laugh. "Come here, come here," said eyewitness Toni mimicking the words of the perpetrators. The children were from distant lead actors until finally fled to village office Arjuna. The students shouted at the perpetrators "terrorists, terrorists".

5. Calculated Tawuran Student
Performers dressed in black jackets are not mistaken for citizens of a terrorist. Sofian (40) sorang residents who had passed by the perpetrator did not think the guy who ran in front of the motorcycle he was riding had a bomb detonates.

"I used the bike, I was like a hit, but doubt it. I think the school kids were fighting. I saw he was wearing a jacket and carrying a bag. On the back of the bag there is a cable," he said. Rizal other witnesses had menyaka if he had seen the perpetrator hit and run. "At first I was frightened she chased the perpetrators of hit and run or anything, nah pas six participating high school students said that if he pursued bombers pot," he said. 

6. Employees and Fuel Threatens Village Office
Log in to the district office, the offender threatened administrative employee with a dagger. Employees village also save themselves out of the building. Then the perpetrator climbed to the second floor and burned the village office. Read: School Children Got Teriaki Performer Terror Cicendo When Arjuna Run District Office Later, the police were attempting to negotiate forced to disarm him with hot lead. Perpetrators before gunfire with officers who had challenged the authorities over him.

7. Challenge Detachment and Minta Prisoners Freed
Andri (32), a security officer and order the District Cicendo got involved in a conversation with the perpetrator suspected terrorists at village office Arjuna, Cicendo subdistrict, Bandung. Andri was talking to actors twice. He also repeats his conversation with the offender. "Akang why? What's the matter ?," asked Andrew to the perpetrators.

"I baseball is the same concern you, please keluarin Detachment (Anti-terror Special Detachment 88) '," said Andri mimicking actors conversation. "To the point ngeluarin kang Detachment what?" Andri asked back. "Keluarin prisoners who are in jail. Go home, you go home," said Andri repeated the conversation with the offender. Shortly after the talk, a police officer came to the second floor. However, the perpetrators threw tantrums and people came with chairs. "Pas've talked so, Mr. Police Chief Unit thrown up on a chair wearing," he continued. Andri said the bomber was wearing a black jacket. 

A wire looks circular in the front of the jacket perpetrators.
"He was dressed in a jacket there are cables. If the (language) Sundanese dialect too, because she was also invited to speak Sunda know (understand). I had twice communicate," he explained.

8. Killed hit by bullets police
Bombers pot in the village office Arjuna, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, was killed while evacuated to the hospital Bhayangkara Bandung.
Previously, the actors shot in the chest in an ambush operation in the village office clerk to Arjuna.
This time the victims were in Bandung Bhayangkara Hospital morgue for autopsy.

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