Indonesian Property Expo 2017 IPEX


Hundreds of visitors thronged Indonesia Property Expo (IPEX) 2017 which entered its second day prior to closing today. State Savings Bank housing exhibition held since February 11 last and of showing at least 700 residential projects both houses and apartments are subsidized and non-subsidized. 

Based on the observation Tempo yesterday, IPEX 2017 has been visited by people who want to hunt for occupancy since the morning was opened at 09.00 am. Visitors who come to seem mostly from young people as employees and employee up to the student. 

"Yes I want to start looking for the house if there are DP (advances) and installment's light," said Sandi Alfiansyah, 26, a private employee, when met at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday, February 18, 2017. 

Alfiansyah admitted targeting homes with light installment per month of about $ 1 million with a low annual interest. However, he was a little disappointed because the available options located far from the center of Jakarta, where she worked. "Most of the cheap-cheap it was on the outskirts like in Parung, Citayam, far Bogor or Tangerang," he said. 

Meanwhile, Princess Femy Sofian, 19 years old, student private university in Jakarta also came with two of his friends to search for property. "If we were looking for an apartment, yes, in case anyone fitting wrote while a look-see the price first," he said. 

In this exhibition, among which there are low interest deals amounting to 4.67 percent of the BTN fixed 1 year for mortgage Unsubsidized, and a 5 percent fixed interest for a mortgage subsidy. Then, people can also enjoy the DP start No. 5 percent for mortgage subsidies and 1 percent for a mortgage subsidy. 

In addition, BTN offers a credit period of 25 years for mortgages Unsubsidized and 20 years for mortgage subsidies. The exhibition also offers promo discount of up to 50 percent of administrative costs and provisions, discounts up to 20 percent on life insurance premiums, and a system of one hour approval.

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