Real Count Result DKI Jakarta

pilkada dki 2017

Jakarta DPD Golkar Party in cooperation with the Cyrus Network held a real count election results DKI. As a result, the pair cagub-cawagub number 2 Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok) and Djarot Saiful Hidayat winning with 42.9 percent of the vote. 

After Ahok-Djarot, couples Anies Baswedan-Uno Uno followed with 39.9 percent of the vote. In the final position, there are a couple Agus Yudhoyono-Sylviana Murni with the acquisition of 17.1 percent of the vote. 

Real count is displayed at the Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/02/2017). Chairman of the Golkar party and cagub Ahok Novanto was present at the count's estate release. 

Until now, the incoming data is still 99.5 percent of the vote on the whole of Jakarta. The percentage was derived from 13,023 polling stations in Jakarta. 

In real figures, Ahok-Djarot achieve sound 2,345,666. Then Anies-password followed by grabbing 2,183,007 and in the final position there Agus-Sylvi, which stood at 936 182 voices. 

Legitimate incoming sound up to date, according to real count, a total of 5,464,855 voice. The participation rate recorded by the real count is a number of 83.6 percent. 

With this result, there is the possibility of the election of Jakarta will be held two rounds to bring Ahok-Djarot and Anies-Password. Nonetheless, Ahok reluctant to discuss the possibility of a coalition that will be built in the second round later.

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