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8 Facts Terrorism In Bandung

The terror occurred in Taman Cipendawa, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, on Monday (2/27/2017) morning. Information compiled Tribunnews.com, the perpetrator had a bomb detonates explosive pot low in Taman Cipendawa. The following facts were collected Tribunnews.com of action until the perpetrator blast killed by bullets officer.

1. The bomb placed on Neja
Around 08.30 pm in the Garden Basket Pandavas pan placed a bomb on the table sketbord former stage exploded.
As a result of the explosion of the bomb material or pellet form baton size 10 centimeter nails thrown in different directions.
Even two concrete nails scraping white Daihatsu Luxio D 1892 QF number plates parked in the yard at Jalan Kresna number 55.
The alleged perpetrator, was seen in shock for a moment after the bomb exploded.

Performers bouncing bombs of eruption hit thump sounded like a tire bursting.
Actors supine position after the bomb exploded.Then the actors got up and ran quickly toward the village office Arjuna.

2. Bomb hit Performers
The bomb blast pot was the alleged perpetrator's body.
Jackets and vests worn parasites alleged perpetrator also looks torn.
"Got her back. But it does not bleed," said Rizal Ilala Nugraha (23), resident of Jl Kresna number 55, Village Arjuna, Cicendo subdistrict, Bandung, told the Tribune Jabar, Monday (02/22/2017). Rizal said, there was no expression of fear of the alleged perpetrator after the bomb exploded in the garden pot Pandavas.
In fact, the perpetrator seemed satisfied pot nail bomb exploded.

3. The Hunted Children High School
6 high school students who exercise in Taman Pandavas, Arjuna Village, District Cicendo, Bandung, shouting alleged perpetrator after the bomb exploded. Students also attempted to arrest the alleged perpetrator. The students shouted catch-catch. He was followed to the village office Arjuna but no one dared arrest him as the perpetrator carrying a dagger.

4. Performers Had Laugh
When pursued by high school students, actors brandishing a knife with a laugh. "Come here, come here," said eyewitness Toni mimicking the words of the perpetrators. The children were from distant lead actors until finally fled to village office Arjuna. The students shouted at the perpetrators "terrorists, terrorists".

5. Calculated Tawuran Student
Performers dressed in black jackets are not mistaken for citizens of a terrorist. Sofian (40) sorang residents who had passed by the perpetrator did not think the guy who ran in front of the motorcycle he was riding had a bomb detonates.

"I used the bike, I was like a hit, but doubt it. I think the school kids were fighting. I saw he was wearing a jacket and carrying a bag. On the back of the bag there is a cable," he said. Rizal other witnesses had menyaka if he had seen the perpetrator hit and run. "At first I was frightened she chased the perpetrators of hit and run or anything, nah pas six participating high school students said that if he pursued bombers pot," he said. 

6. Employees and Fuel Threatens Village Office
Log in to the district office, the offender threatened administrative employee with a dagger. Employees village also save themselves out of the building. Then the perpetrator climbed to the second floor and burned the village office. Read: School Children Got Teriaki Performer Terror Cicendo When Arjuna Run District Office Later, the police were attempting to negotiate forced to disarm him with hot lead. Perpetrators before gunfire with officers who had challenged the authorities over him.

7. Challenge Detachment and Minta Prisoners Freed
Andri (32), a security officer and order the District Cicendo got involved in a conversation with the perpetrator suspected terrorists at village office Arjuna, Cicendo subdistrict, Bandung. Andri was talking to actors twice. He also repeats his conversation with the offender. "Akang why? What's the matter ?," asked Andrew to the perpetrators.

"I baseball is the same concern you, please keluarin Detachment (Anti-terror Special Detachment 88) '," said Andri mimicking actors conversation. "To the point ngeluarin kang Detachment what?" Andri asked back. "Keluarin prisoners who are in jail. Go home, you go home," said Andri repeated the conversation with the offender. Shortly after the talk, a police officer came to the second floor. However, the perpetrators threw tantrums and people came with chairs. "Pas've talked so, Mr. Police Chief Unit thrown up on a chair wearing," he continued. Andri said the bomber was wearing a black jacket. 

A wire looks circular in the front of the jacket perpetrators.
"He was dressed in a jacket there are cables. If the (language) Sundanese dialect too, because she was also invited to speak Sunda know (understand). I had twice communicate," he explained.

8. Killed hit by bullets police
Bombers pot in the village office Arjuna, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, was killed while evacuated to the hospital Bhayangkara Bandung.
Previously, the actors shot in the chest in an ambush operation in the village office clerk to Arjuna.
This time the victims were in Bandung Bhayangkara Hospital morgue for autopsy.

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212 part 2

The National Guard Movement Team MUI Fatwa (GNPF MUI) declared not to participate in action February 21 (212) future. In addition, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees GNPF MUI and FPI Habib Rizieq Shihab also been ruled out in the action. It was announced by Attorney GNPF MUI, Kapitra Ampera. 

"In action 212, February 21, 2017 the board GNPF did not join the action. Rizieq as the Board of Trustees, including Mr. Munarman not go down because the domain of the people. These three figures will not join the action unless there are events that we do not want," said Kapitra that accompanied by Munarman at Masjid Al Ittihad, Tebet, South Jakarta, Sunday (19/02/2017). 

"It's no yes FPI. FPI and MUI GNPF participating institutions did not participate in this action," he continued. 

Kapitra also explained, in action 212 is not mounted by the interests of political content. The action was only to express their aspirations. 

"Action by the FUI only aspiration law enforcement there is no political agenda in situ so that no Justice for All. Delivering legal phenomenon no other agenda is not political agenda peaceful activities," said Kapitra. 

Although it does not follow the action, GNPF MUI will continue to monitor the course of action on Tuesday (21/2) future. 

"We are certainly going to monitor that these actions convey a demand that championed by the agency community representation in the House we support. If beyond that we appealed and asked for no other agenda beyond that. We show our peaceful in action," said Kapitra , 

Previously reported, the masses of the Muslim Forum (FUI) will be staged on February 21, 2017 in kawasang DPR / MPR building. They demanded to oversee the legal process Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok). 

"We have also appealed to all people to unite on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 or action Bela Islam 212 for the sake of law and justice in Indonesia," said Al Khaththath at Sofyan, Jalan Cut Meutiah, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 2/2017). 

The police are ready to secure the action. Police will drop to 10 thousand more personnel. 

"Police have set up the security, we will muster 10 thousand more personnel to secure the February 21 action. It would be our guard and we have maintained," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Argo Yuwono told AFP on Sunday (19/2). 

Polda Metro Jaya has received a notification letter from the coordinator of the action plan related to the demo, on Saturday (18/2) yesterday. Massa is scheduled to take action after the morning prayer. 

"The plan of the morning at 07.00 am they had already moved to the House of Representatives," he added.

source ; https://news.detik.com/berita/d-3426497/gnpf-mui-dan-habib-rizieq-nyatakan-tidak-ikut-aksi-212


Hundreds of visitors thronged Indonesia Property Expo (IPEX) 2017 which entered its second day prior to closing today. State Savings Bank housing exhibition held since February 11 last and of showing at least 700 residential projects both houses and apartments are subsidized and non-subsidized. 

Based on the observation Tempo yesterday, IPEX 2017 has been visited by people who want to hunt for occupancy since the morning was opened at 09.00 am. Visitors who come to seem mostly from young people as employees and employee up to the student. 

"Yes I want to start looking for the house if there are DP (advances) and installment's light," said Sandi Alfiansyah, 26, a private employee, when met at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday, February 18, 2017. 

Alfiansyah admitted targeting homes with light installment per month of about $ 1 million with a low annual interest. However, he was a little disappointed because the available options located far from the center of Jakarta, where she worked. "Most of the cheap-cheap it was on the outskirts like in Parung, Citayam, far Bogor or Tangerang," he said. 

Meanwhile, Princess Femy Sofian, 19 years old, student private university in Jakarta also came with two of his friends to search for property. "If we were looking for an apartment, yes, in case anyone fitting wrote while a look-see the price first," he said. 

In this exhibition, among which there are low interest deals amounting to 4.67 percent of the BTN fixed 1 year for mortgage Unsubsidized, and a 5 percent fixed interest for a mortgage subsidy. Then, people can also enjoy the DP start No. 5 percent for mortgage subsidies and 1 percent for a mortgage subsidy. 

In addition, BTN offers a credit period of 25 years for mortgages Unsubsidized and 20 years for mortgage subsidies. The exhibition also offers promo discount of up to 50 percent of administrative costs and provisions, discounts up to 20 percent on life insurance premiums, and a system of one hour approval.

Based on the survey results Rumah.com Property Affordability Sentiment Index in 2016, 98% of consumers in Indonesia put the location of the property as an important factor in the selection of occupancy. In addition the property seekers in Indonesia considers environmental safety as well as one of the important factors in considering the purchase of a new home or a new apartment . 

Currently in Indonesia, the majority of home seekers are those who are first time home buyers, including a new family. Not surprisingly, they will prioritize housing near good schools, childcare places, to self-service. "So if a residential location close to the favorite schools, most likely home prices there would be boosted," said Wasudewan, Country Manager Rumah.com .
And the following 10 main factors to be considered in choosing a residential property search:

Location 98%
Security environment 87%
Access to public transport 81%
Infrastructure and facilities for around 77%
Price per square meter 72%
The building area of ​​71%
Design and construction of 64%
Amenities within the property 63%
Area development plan 57%
Readiness for occupancy 56%

Important note, a prospective location of the property could be said if it has a good infrastructure, close to public facilities, and other public facilities. Therefore, no doubt that the potential rise in property prices will also be higher. The first feature of the prospective locations are inflows greater than the current location to the outside. That is, demographically the region remains a destination of human currents, which automatically also the flow of goods. 
In other words, the site became one of the many options for people to rely.

The second feature, the location has good access to the city center, an area where the urban activities (urban activities), such as the CBD area (in Jakarta called the golden triangle), trading area, the business district and entertainment district (entertainment area). Downtown conforming name- must always be close to the capital city. In a downtown, there can be more than one center of growth (growth center).  The third feature, the location of the property is in the area or the selection of the most desirable-both consumers and investors. Regions like this are generally a preferred location middle to upper income people and has a large capital gain. A fourth feature, prospective locations in the category sunrise property, the property is located in the new and evolving, new and stable region, and a modern area of ​​the newly rehabilitated.

pilkada dki 2017

Jakarta DPD Golkar Party in cooperation with the Cyrus Network held a real count election results DKI. As a result, the pair cagub-cawagub number 2 Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok) and Djarot Saiful Hidayat winning with 42.9 percent of the vote. 

After Ahok-Djarot, couples Anies Baswedan-Uno Uno followed with 39.9 percent of the vote. In the final position, there are a couple Agus Yudhoyono-Sylviana Murni with the acquisition of 17.1 percent of the vote. 

Real count is displayed at the Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/02/2017). Chairman of the Golkar party and cagub Ahok Novanto was present at the count's estate release. 

Until now, the incoming data is still 99.5 percent of the vote on the whole of Jakarta. The percentage was derived from 13,023 polling stations in Jakarta. 

In real figures, Ahok-Djarot achieve sound 2,345,666. Then Anies-password followed by grabbing 2,183,007 and in the final position there Agus-Sylvi, which stood at 936 182 voices. 

Legitimate incoming sound up to date, according to real count, a total of 5,464,855 voice. The participation rate recorded by the real count is a number of 83.6 percent. 

With this result, there is the possibility of the election of Jakarta will be held two rounds to bring Ahok-Djarot and Anies-Password. Nonetheless, Ahok reluctant to discuss the possibility of a coalition that will be built in the second round later.

An earthquake rocked West Java, Thursday, February 16, 2016 at 1:53 pm dawn. An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale is strong enough to be felt up to the citizens of West Java city of Bandung and Subang.

As reported Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the earthquake occurred in the southwest Garut with a depth of 19 kilometers. Pretty shallow quake is most likely the reason why the quake was felt quite strong in some areas in West Java.

Is a bit different to those reported BMKG, the USGS of the United States noted that the earthquake occurred in the southern region of West Java precisely in Puncakwangi with the strength of 4.9 on the Richter scale and a depth of 78.6 kilometers.

As reported netizen responded @InfoBMKG and @pikiran_rakyat Twitter account, the quake was strongly felt in the region to the region Garut Bandung, Subang, Sukabumi, Ciamis, to Bogor. Until 2:30 pm there are no reports of damage caused by this earthquake vibrations.

As is known, the earthquake is large enough also occur in southern West Java Monday, February 13th at 15:12 pm. At that time, the earthquake had a strength of 5.1 on the Richter scale with its epicenter located at the coordinates of 7.94 LS-108.22 BT, precisely in the Indian Ocean at a distance of 33 km southeast of Tasikmalaya at a depth of 66 kilometers.

An explosion occurred at the parking lot of the Starbuck Café on Jalan Husni Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Thursday morning, January 14, 2016. Not long after, another explosion occurred at a Police outpost not far from the location of the first explosion.

An eyewitness, Taufik Rusyana, claimed that he heard seven consecutive explosions at around 10:000 AM Western Indonesia Time. Taufik, who worked at the Jaya Building right across the café, was about to take a lunch break before he heard the first explosion, followed by a cloud of smoke.

Minutes later, as Taufik recalled, another explosion occurred at a Police outpost close to the café. "Three people were thrown away. One of them landed on the middle of the road," Taufik said.

After the explosion, Taufik walked to the Police outpost and saw police officers gather around the café. "The gunfight begins," Taufik said, adding that Jalan Husni Thamrin was later closed as a police car pull up to carry a wounded officer.

Taufik said that a black Mitsubishi Pajero and a police car came from the National Monument and stop on the site of the outpost right across the café. Some of the officers were seen taking cover behind the police car. "Later an explosion came from the [Pajero]," Taufik said.

Another witness Edi Saputro, managed to record the third explosion. "After the gunfight, the car suddenly explode," Edi said. Edi claimed that he was standing in front of the Sarinah Plaza.

Both Edi and Taufik then heard seven consecutive explosions. "Officers carrying rifles arrived after the third explosion," Taufik said. Edi and Taufik said that based on their observation six people were died in the incident.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Source : TEMPO

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) hopes that the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Jakarta becomes an example for other cities in Indonesia which are planning similar ventures.

"Other big cities in Indonesia also need mass transport systems but they have limited land for such a mode of transportation," President Jokowi stated after inspecting the pace of progress of the MRT project here on Wednesday.

The president said several cities have started to develop mass transportation systems such as Palembang (South Sumatra) which is trying to develop a light carriage or LRT.

"Surabaya (East Java) also did something similar, and has gone in for a tram system," President Jokowi added.

The president stated that he will continue to monitor the progress of the MRT.

"Every day, I am monitoring the construction of the MRT although this is the responsibility of the provincial government of Jakarta," he noted.

Commenting on the drilling process, he said, in the last 93 days, it has reached till 327 meters. The drilling process on this project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

"We saw that the Senayan station has already started to take shape and expect other stations to be finished soon," President Jokowi noted.

For the tunnel work at the MRT project, four massive drill engines have been pressed into service. These are Antareja, Antareja II, Mustika Bumi and Mustika Bumi II.

Construction of the underground tunnel with the help of a Japanese Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) began on September 2015 and is expected to be completed in December 2016.

The MRT Jakarta project of south-north corridors first phase (Lebak Bulus-Bundaran Hotel Indonesia) is now 36 percent complete.

The project work on the elevated structures have been completed by 22 percent and underground structures by 50 percent.

In general, the construction work undertaken till date has seen progress on track foundations and elevated stations, construction of the subway box structures, underground tunnel and construction of the MRT depot.

Rescuers on Sunday pulled out 39 survivors and three dead from a passenger boat that sank in central Indonesia after being buffeted by high waves, and battled bad weather to try to reach scores of others still missing.

The fiberglass ferry was on its way from Kolaka in Southeast Sulawesi province crossing the Gulf of Bone to Siwa town when it was overwhelmed by waves more than 3 meters (10 feet) high during stormy weather Saturday, said Roki Asikin, head of the search and rescue agency in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi.

The boat was carrying 110 passengers and 12 crew members, Asikin said. The passengers included 14 children.

Six rescue boats and ships were dispatched after they received a distress call from the crew, who reported that the vessel was starting to take on water about 21 kilometers (13 miles) southeast of Siwa port, Asikin said.

Fishermen found four people who had been on the boat, including a woman and a child. They told authorities that the boat sank hours after being hit by high waves.

Thirty-five other survivors and three bodies were found later Sunday, said Transportation Ministry spokesman Julius Barata. He said all of the survivors were taken to hospitals.

The search for the 80 people still missing was called off at nightfall Sunday and will resume Monday morning.

Television video showed dozens of family members anxiously waiting for their loved ones at the Siwa port.

Indonesian boat accidents have killed hundreds of people in recent years. Boats are often overcrowded and safety regulations are poorly enforced. The vast country spans more than 17,000 islands with a population of 250 million, and boats are a popular and relatively cheap form of transportation.

Some 195 personnel from the Indonesian Marine Corps, who joined the Ambalat XX Task Force and Outer Island XVIII Task Force, have been deployed to guard the Indonesian border in Sebatik Island, East Kalimantan.According to a press statement released by the Marine Corps public relations office here on Friday, the personnel will be deployed for the next nine months and would begin their duties from Monday, (December 21).

First Marine Corps Vice Commander Colonel Bambang Sutrisno bid farewell to the personnel in a ceremony titled "The Ambalat XX and Outer Island XVIII Task Force Readiness 2015" at the Marine Corps training ground, Sidoarjo district, East Java.According to the press statement, 130 personnel will be deployed in Ambalat and 45 in the outermost islands of Indonesia.In Ambalat, the personnel will be posted in some tactical command outposts, such as in Sie Bajo, Sie Taiwan, Balensiku, Tembaring, and Bambangan. In addition, they will also take charge in the other outer islands of Bras, Dana Rote, and Batek."During the assignment, they must prevent human trafficking, slavery, theft of marine products, illegal logging, drugs smuggling, piracy, and terrorism.

The outermost islands could be entry or exit points for such activities," Marine Colonel Sutrisno stated.In his opinion, the personnel were commissioned to the 1st Marine Force Indonesian Marine Corps on the trust of top leaders, which he believes is a matter of pride."Hence, this duty must be accomplished seriously and with full responsibility," he added.


Attorney General M Prasetyo has confirmed that the voices in the recording that was handed by the Energy Minister, Sudirman Said to the AG's office are DPR Chairman Setya Novanto, President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia Maroef Sjamsuddin, and oil tycoon M. Riza Chalid. "The conclusion was made by IT experts from Bandung's Technological Institute (ITB)," said Prasetyo at the Prosecutor's Education and Training Agency in South Jakarta on Friday, December 18. 

Prasetyo said that investigators will now turn to the opinion of criminal law experts to determine the criminal act committed based on the recording. "This is to ensure that we are applying the right principles to the case," he said, before explaining that AGO will seek the opinions of constitutional law and international business law experts. According to him, the AGO has not planned to ask the National Police (Polri) Forensic Laboratory for a second opinion, because he believes that the explanation given by ITB experts are sufficient enough. "ITB is also a reputable institution, and I am certain that it is positively Setya's [voice on the recording]," said Prasetyo. Prasetyo also stated that the AGO is almost certain that there is a conspiracy behind the case - with Setya acting as the initiator, while Chalid acted as the facilitator of the meeting, which occurred at the Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, on June 8, 2015. However, Prasetyo said that the AGO has yet to name Setya as a suspect, as there are several witnesses that have yet to be questioned by the AGO, including Riza Chalid himself. "We don't want to have to defend ourselves in a pre-trial because of a lack of evidence," he said. Riza Chalid is widely reported to be abroad, and has yet to respond to any summons up to this date.

Indonesia has again showcased its support for the Palestinian independence where this time through the implementation of Palestine Solidarity Day 2015 gathering which was held in the Istora Senayan (sports hall) here.

A number of noted artists in the Indonesian capital city Jakarta such as Melly Goeslaw, Zaskia Sungkar, Irwansyah, Sandy Canester, Opick and novelist Habiburrahman El Shirazy attended the event.

In addition, Muslim figures among others Bachtiar Nasir and chairman of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) KH. Shodiqun were also present in the gathering.

Although it rained in Jakarta, visitors of the Palestine Solidarity Day (PSD) from various circles remained enthusiastic and spiritful in supporting the Palestinian struggle.

"I come here with my friend. Our presence is a support to the Palestinian people," said Novi, one of the visitors in the PSD, who came from Tanah Abang area in Central Jakarta.

The Palestine Solidarity Day 2015 gathering was jointly held by Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (Aspac), Adara Relief International, the National Committee for Palestinian People (KNRP), Spirit of Aqsa, Arts and Culture Commission of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI), PB Mathlaul Anwar, PKPU, Rumah Zakat, Pesona Al Quds, Indonesian Parliamentary Caucus for Palestine, FSLDK, WAMY Indonesia, MP4P, and Wafaa.

In addition to the entertainment events, the PSD 2015 organizing committee also conducted a bazaar which sold fashions, herbal products, books, Palestine trinkets, meals and free health checks.

Chairman of the Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (Aspac for Palestine), Saiful Bahri said that Sunday (Nov 29/2015) was chosen to organize the PSD because it coincided with a UN resolution that divided Palestine on November 29, 1947.

"Today is international solidarity. We struggle and will not stop and invite the Indonesian government to participate," Saiful Bahri pointed out.

This event also called the issuance of Senayan Declaration 2015, which contains seven statements to support the Palestinian struggle as follows.

First, it denounced and strongly condemned efforts to Judaize the city of Jerusalem and the humiliation committed by the Israeli military against Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Second, it rejected all forms of Israeli intervention in the management of the Al Aqsa Mosque which includes the division of time and a special place for Israeli Jews.

Third, it called on the international community to end the blockade of Gaza to facilitate humanitarian assistance and recovery of physical facilities after the Israeli aggression in 2014.

Forth, it supported the measures of reconciliation and unity of all Palestinian factions in an effort to realize the independence of a sovereign Palestinian State.

Fifth, it called on the Indonesian government and the countries of the region and the international community to support Palestinian independence and protect the historic sites from destruction and humiliation that could result in disturbing the harmony between religious community.

Sixth, it called on the international community to pressure and force Israel to stop building illegal settlements.

Seventh, it invited the UN and the international community to pay more attention to Palestinian refugees and other war victims.

Previously, the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) ended its three-day National Working Congress here on Thursday (Nov 12) by urging President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to fulfill his campaign pledge made towards the struggle for Palestinians.

"In its recommendations issued at the national working congress, MUI urged President Joko Widodo to meet his pledge to seriously help settle the question of Palestine to ensure the rights of Palestinian people and the existence of Aqsha Mosque," the Chairman of the MUI team for formulating main ideas and external recommendation, A.M. Romly said on Thursday.

One of the efforts to meet the pledge is that the government should immediately open a representative office in Gaza, Palestine, he said.

MUI also denounced the Jewish Zionists for any form of misdeeds, including occupying Palestinian land, launching aggression, and evicting and killing Palestinian people.

In its recommendations, the MUI called for stronger international cooperation to settle the question of Palestinian, he said.

"We call upon and urge OIC member states and Islamic countries to take more concrete steps to help the people of Palestine," he said,

In the meantime, President Jokowi has maintained a consistent stance, noting that Indonesia wants to see Palestine become an independent country like other nations.

"I think since the beginning we wanted Palestine to be a country," Jokowi said in Sukoharjo, Central Java on Saturday (Oct.3)

Al Jazeera reported that the Palestinian flag was raised in the Rose Garden of the United Nations at 1:00pm local time (6:00pm GMT) on Wednesday (Sept. 30) as a large crowd of diplomats and reporters watched on.

The General Assembly approved the resolution to raise the flag with an overwhelming majority voting in favor of it on September 10.

The motion was passed with 119 votes in favor, while 45 countries abstained and eight voted against, among them Israel, the US, Australia and Canada.

Addressing the crowd, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dedicated the ceremony to "the martyrs, the prisoners and the wounded, and to those who gave their lives while trying to raise this flag."

The move, strongly criticized by Israel, was also opposed by the United States.

Senior Hamas leader Ghazi al-Hamad said the flag-raising was "a positive step," but added that "it was not enough."

The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank has focused too much on "symbolic acts," Hamad told Al Jazeera, adding that only with unity between the West Bank and Gaza can Palestinians "confront the Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state."

Apart from that, a member of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Sukamta stated that Palestine can take a cue from Indonesia that diplomacy cannot be separated from the struggle to achieve freedom.

"Conducting diplomacy in the United Nations (UN) is important and raising the flag of Palestine in the UN headquarters is a positive step," he stated here on Friday.

In Sukamtas opinion, Palestine must always remember that raising the flag is basically indicative of complete freedom, either de facto or de jure.

Palestine must also be aware of the situation that Israel is one step ahead and has positioned itself as a full member of the UN, he added.

Wesley Kosai thought he had been cursed. The 34 year old from Wamena in Indonesia's Papua region had fallen ill and didn't know he'd contracted HIV. He says for three years he suffered, losing half his body weight and staying captive in his own home for fear of being burnt alive because of his illness.

Andri Tambunan has documented Wesley Kosai's survival and those of other people living with HIV/AIDS in a film which seeks to educate people in Indonesia's easternmost region about the disease. At the end of a high school class in Sorong City, the students walk to the front of the room and press the hand of their teacher to their foreheads in a traditional gesture.

Their teacher is 31 year old Ibu Ratna and she is also living with HIV. She assumed she had contracted the disease from her husband who was also HIV positive. Determined to survive for the sake of her daughter, she searched out medicine and has been taking antiretrovirals since 2010.

Andri Tambunan films everyday life for Ibu Ratna and shows her managing her illness and the acceptance she gets from her colleagues, family and friends.
But acceptance is not the case for the vast majority of people living with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia's easternmost region, especially those Papuans who live in remote villages far from medicine and hospitals.
"I met a young man who, when he opened his status, he was kicked out of his family, he was attacked by some people in the community. I talked to another woman who people were just trying to kick her out from her house with an axe and machetes. I have people who were afraid to be burned alive." said the Jakarta-based documentary-maker.

The Papua region suffers an HIV/AIDs rate twenty times higher than the national average and three quarters of those with the disease are indigenous Papuans.

Inequalities, remoteness and a lack of information in the local language contribute to the high rate. "Papuans, you know, they have the highest infant mortality, the highest maternal mortality, the highest illiteracy, so they're already at a disadvantage in the beginning and then you have this disease, and most of that is because of the lack of information. People don't know how to get help, or they don't know what HIV is or how it's spread," said Mr Tambunan. Mr Tambunan has been researching and filming in Papua since 2009.
He says he it took months to gain the trust of those who appeared in the films and that's despite advancements in Papua over the past few years.

"The stigma and the fear of discrimination is still the biggest obstacle. So it doesn't matter if there's medicines now which are more readily available. If people are afraid to get tested, if people are afraid to seek care they're not going to do it. " Mr Tambunan has set up a website and is distributing information to NGOs to help educate people in Papua because the continued stigma around HIV/AIDs means his material is not being broadcast widely despite approval from the authorities in Indonesia.

When we asked you to tag your #BestofIndonesia photos, we weren't quite prepared for the kaleidoscope of stunning beaches, waterfalls, forests and mountains. In short, your response made us desperate to choose Indonesia as our next getaway.

While Bali is a well known spot for tourists, we turned to recommendations from locals for our travel inspiration.

1. Lake Toba, North Sumatra
North Sumatra took this photo in April using just his iPhone6s and the photo editing app Snapseed. "I've been to this lake for many times, but every time I am here, it shows different kind of beauty. This was my first sunset there and I think that's the best time to enjoy the lake."

This month (November 19-22) the town of Berastagi will host the Lake Toba Festival, a celebration of Sumatran culture including boat races, music, fashion and art.

2. Mount Bromo, East Java
24 year-old Yanta Paramean from Wamena, Papua province took this photo of the stunning Mount Bromo, an active 2,329 meter high volcano in in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

"I'm now living in Jakarta, the capitol city but I started travelling around Indonesia in 2010," Yanta told CNN. "The enchanting beauty of Mount Bromo is endless. Mount Bromo's eruptions formed the caldera (crater), and the surrounding "Sea of Sand" (a vast plain) provides beautiful scenery. It's one of the best places to watch the sunrise."

3. Stunning coastline
Kevin Anda from Jakarta went on an envy-inducing backpacking trip around his country last year. "I started backpacking with my girlfriend from Jakarta then we took the local trains across Java island. We took the local ferry to Bali and Lombok island, then sailed from one little island to another.

"Finally we reached an island called Satonda island. There's a huge lake in the heart it. I took this picture of my girlfriend who was amazed with the scenery -- as Indonesians we'd never actually never been to the eastern side. She just stood there for quite some time -- I think deep down she was celebrating."

4. Lush tea plantations
As well as the renowned Javan coffee, Indonesia is one of the world's top tea producers. Visitors can enjoy stunning views over rolling tea fields, or heady aromas on a guided tea tour.

Instagrammer Putri Anindya sent in this photo of a worker picking tea in the vast plantations of Bandung, West Java.

5. Floating markets
Abdus Salam from South Kalimantan tagged this stunning picture of traders selling their wares at a floating market in Lok Baintan, South Borneo.

"It's very unique, there are traders and buyers as well as tourists in the boat," he told us.

Lok Baintan is one of Indonesia's most famous floating markets. Seaborne shoppers can rent a boat from Banjarmasin and travel there in 45 minutes to barter for exotic fruits and traditional hot food.

6. Borobudur Temple
Borobudur temple in Central Java was built in the 8th and 9th centuries and is one of the world's most important Buddhist monuments.
A UNESCO World Heritage site, the temple is made of three tiers of circular platforms, surrounded by 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha.21 year-old Instagrammer Ari Nuryaddin Putra told us, "Borobudur Temple is a priceless and ancient center for pilgrimage and education in Mahayana Buddhism."
Borobudur was used as a Buddhist place of worship from its construction until sometime between the 10th and 15th centuries when it was abandoned.

In the 19th century it was re-discovered and eventually restored a century later into a Buddhist archaeological site.

7. Hiking
"It's true Bunaken is beautiful but with the many volcanoes surrounding the city, exploring the highland also a great and affordable activity. I took this photo from Mount Mahawu overlooking this Tondano lake - it's an easy hike."

"I'm sure you will love it especially at the top with this superb view, blue sky, yellow and green fields and lake water, complete with cool and refreshing air."

We're sold.

8. Tranquility
Alexander Sriewijono lives in Jakarta, but escaped to the Gili Islands for this picture. "I am not a city person, but I have to live in Jakarta for the time being. That's why I love to find some hidden paradise all around Indonesia during my spare time for a sweet escape. This is Gili Layar, a beautiful tiny island in southern Lombok, West Nusatenggara. It's one of my #BestOfIndonesia choices for flirting with nature and embracing my solitude. Both the sunrise and the sunset are amazing."

"Moreover, the corals around this island are incredible. There are only two families who live in this island and one bungalow to stay in. A perfect getaway-hidden paradise."

Jakarta. Iwan Fals, a legendary figure in the Indonesian music scene, will stage a comeback with a grand solo concert, "Untukmu Indonesia," or "For You, Indonesia," at Istora Senayan, South Jakarta, on Nov. 21.

Produced by Simo Music Entertainment, the concert will be different from Iwan's usual gigs, which are usually held for free in open spaces.

Tickets to the upcoming event come in three categories: Silver, which is sold at Rp 400,000 ($29.11); Gold at Rp 750,000; and Platinum, which is available for Rp 1 million a piece.

"This is something that I've been dreaming of since I was living in Condet [a neighborhood in East Jakarta] in 1984. I've always wanted to stage a concert with tickets that cost Rp 1 million," Iwan said during a press conference last week, as quoted by Antara news agency.

The concert will see the musician perform 25 songs that are mainly characterized by political, social, love and environmental themes. Music arrangements will be conducted by composer Iwang Noorsaid.

"These songs will highlight Iwan Fals's lyrics and energy that are divided into several themes. There will also be new songs that have never been performed," Iwang said.

"As for the musical concept, we are trying something new through the collaboration of three drummers, acoustic sets and further [musical] exploration with participating musicians."

Scores of musicians will be featured in the concert, including Iwa K., Neo, Rere, Edy Kemput, Inang Noorsaid, Irvan Firaldo, Ome and The People, Yandi and DJ Aldi.

"Neo and Iwa K. will sing Iwan's songs. They will infuse his ballads, country and pop rock tunes with rap," Iwang added.

Iwan is hopeful this concert will provide a positive energy for the Indonesian people, especially amid current socio-political conditions.

"As an Indonesian... I want Indonesia to be better, have more energy and become more powerful," the singer remarked.

Organizers are targeting to attract some 8,000 concert goers. An outdoor jumbotron will also be placed outside the Gelora Bung Karno sports complex for fans who can't afford to purchase tickets for the show.

Jakarta. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry says no Indonesians were among the more than 120 people killed in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.

The Indonesian Embassy in the French capital has issued an advisory to all citizens to remain on high alert in the wake of the gun and bomb attacks that left at least 127 people dead.

“The Indonesian Embassy in France has said no Indonesians are among the fatalities,” Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, the Foreign Ministry’s director for citizen protection overseas, said in Jakarta on Saturday.

He added that Indonesians looking for information about relatives and friends in France could call the embassy at +33 621122109 or +33 145030760.

Paris was rocked by a series of apparently coordinated attacks in six different locations on Friday night that left at least 127 people dead.

The Bataclan music hall, where gunmen mowed down concertgoers, accounted for the highest death toll, at 112, according to the French Interior Ministry.

At least two explosions were also heard outside the Stade de France national stadium where a France-Germany football friendly was being played, with President Francois Hollande in attendance.

Hollande, who blamed the Sunni militant group Islamic State for the attacks, declared a state of emergency, including the closure of all exit points out of the country.

Eight ISIS terrorists wielding AK-47s and wearing suicide belts carried out coordinated attacks at six sites around Paris Friday night, killing at least 127 people and wounding at least 180 others, France's president said Saturday.

Speaking after an emergency security meeting to plan his government's response, Francois Hollande declared three days of national mourning and raised France's security to its highest level. He described Friday's attacks, which produced the worst bloodshed in Paris since World War II, as an "act of war." Hollande said ISIS was "a terrorist army ... a jihadist army, against France, against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: A free country that means something to the whole planet."

Hollande also vowed that France "will be merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group" and promised his government would "act by all means anywhere, inside or outside the country." France is already bombing ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq as part of the U.S.-led coalition, and has troops fighting extremists in Africa.

Less than an hour after Hollande's statement, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement that described Paris as "the carrier of the banner of the Cross in Europe" and described the attackers as "eight brothers wrapped in explosive belts and armed with machine rifles."

"Let France and those who walk in its path know that they will remain on the top of the list of targets of the IS," the statement also read, in part, "and that the smell of death will never leave their noses as long as they lead the convoy of the Crusader campaign.".

But is the Islamic State truly the perpetrator of the attacks ?

The Islamic State has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks. 
This statement was released by ISIS in French:

An English translation reads :
In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Very Merciful.

The Very High All Said: “It is He who expelled the ones who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them from Allah ; but [the decree of] Allah came upon them from where they had not expected, and He cast terror into their hearts [so] they destroyed their houses by their [own] hands and the hands of the believers. So take warning, O people of vision.” Surah 59 verse 2.

In an attack which Allah has blessed facilitates the causes, a group of soldiers of the Caliphate Believers, Allah done him power and victory, has targeted the capital abomination and perversion, that carrying the banner of the cross on Europe, Paris.

A group with divorce life of this world is advancing towards their enemy, seeking death in the cause of Allah, rescuing religion, prophet and his allies, and wishing humiliating his enemies. They were truthful with Allah, we consider them as such. Allah conquered by their hand and throw fear into the hearts of the Crusaders in their own land.

Before the official announcement, ISIS affiliated accounts on Twitter reportedly claimed the attacks for the Islamic State. They used the hashtag “Paris on Fire” in Arabic to celebrate the attacks, the same hashtag ISIS used to celebrate the Charlie Hebdo terror attack. However, French citizens and others voicing their sympathy for Parisians have tried to take over the hashtag with patriotic memes.

Within the past two days, ISIS has had two major losses. Yesterday, reports came in that a drone strike conducted by the United States killed Mohammed Emwazi, otherwise known as “Jihadi John.” Jihadi John carried out the execution videos of Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning and Abdul-Rhaman Kassig, known also as a Peter Kassig.

Earlier Friday, reports came in that United States supported Kurds retook Sinjar, Iraq. According to CNN, reclaiming Sinjar was “one big step toward dividing the ‘caliphate’ that ISIS claims it is establishing across the region. The artery that passes through the town — Route No. 47 — links the Iraqi city of Mosul — ISIS’ prized possession — with cities it holds in Syria.”

ISIS also responded to both of these defeats with a suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon allegedly carried out by Islamic State militants that killed 43 people, reports CNN.

To read more about the latest attacks in Paris, click here. In response to the attack, French President François Hollande has closed the country’s borders and imposed a curfew. It’s the first time since World War II that the country has had a curfew.

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